Collection Plates

Our 2017 collection aims to connect traditional pottery techniques with the modernized world of today. Each collection offers a different idea of how an everlasting piece of art can complement your reality. We currently have three separate categories:

∞  Linen  ∞  Black Porcelain Artistic  ∞  Black porcelain  ∞

For more details on dimensions and prices please visit our order page & for the available colours please visit our colour board.


Ceramic Linen IvoryCeramic Linen GreyLinen BlueCeramic Goose Egg-Plates Full CollectionCeramic Goose Egg-Tea Pot-Container-Tea Cup-Coffee CupBlue Black PorcelainBlack Porcelain TurquoisePorcelain- Goose Egg both PlatesPorcelain-Goose Egg Cups & MoreBlack porcelain Black and Cloud