About us

About Us

Sofia has been an artist for almost 35 years. In the beginning, her work involved mainly small ceramic keepsakes and ceramic signs for local businesses. Eventually, Sofia Ceramics was established and soon we were supplying shops and art galleries. Our collections consist of an extensive array of ceramic and porcelain plates and keepsakes.


Every concept has as a starting point an arcadian life that everyday distractions make us forget. Each creation is unique, it derives from a flow of thoughts that attempt to share an idea with the person that this item will soon be owned by. Sofia is inspired by both natural and industrial as together they combine to offer infinite possibilities to give form, texture, thickness, and diffusion to each piece she takes into her hands. She explores the multicolored spectrum using techniques from all over the world and especially Nerikomi.

Have a peek at her work through the gallery as well as specific collection pictures in the order section.

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Best regards,

Sofia Ceramics Team.